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D&I Graphic Design and Photography

Galera, Užupis Republic

Night fantasy of Galera (Užupis Art Incubator). (C) Daumantas Kazdailis. Galera Night Fantasy Panoramic view of the inside yard (Užupis Art Incubator). (C) Daumantas Kazdailis. The Yard of Užupis Art Incubator

The gallery "GALERA" is the place where artists can exhibit their pictures for free. This gallery is part of the Art Incubator, located in Užupis (Vilnius Monmartre).

The Facade wall of Galera, gallery of Užupis Art Incubator. (C) Daumantas Kazdailis. Facade Wall of the Galera (Užupis Art Incubator) Nicodemus and his wife in Galera, at the exhibition opening on January 29, 2009. (C) Daumantas Kazdailis. Nicodemus in Galera (Užupis Art Incubator) The side wall of Galera, Užupis Art Incubator gallery. (C) Daumantas Kazdailis. The Side Wall of Galera (Užupis Art Incubator) Uzupis Art Incubator Cafe STOPKE 2 (Flash + Blue gell - 2EV ND grad., Yellow grad.) Uzupis Art Incubator Cafe STOPKE 2